Know What Are The Similarities That Shopify Vs Bigcommerce Has Now

It is time for you to start thinking a little more about e-commerce using hi-fi websites. You have to compare the services of Shopify and Bigcommerce to make a decision and sign up for the best one. You may not feel entirely sure about the websites, their functions, and what kind of benefits each one can give you.

You should take a minute of your life to see the similarities and differences that each website presents. These websites are characteristic for their age, easy access and the number of users it hosts for electronic commerce. At the end of the comparison, you will be able to make a golden decision and choose the most convenient website to use from home.

Analysis of its history

These websites got off to a great start that set a tone on the internet, and their legacy continues to this day. You have to know a little history about Bigcommerce and Shopify to understand how old they are:

• Shopify

This website was founded by Scott Lake and Tobias Lutke in 2006 with many sacrifices to humble its origins. These founders used some investments from family, friends, and an invisible promoter to launch an online storefront creator. All the Shopify founders’ efforts did not pay off until 2010 where they received their first payment.

By 2020, the Shopify company went from having any website to a hosting area with more than 200,000 connected users. Canadian companies like “The Motley Fool Canada” point out that Shopify is “a great option in the market.” The purchase of shares in the company goes up and down but maintains a stable margin so far this year.

In more than a decade of operation, the Shopify website continues to expand, providing the best service to its users. You will be able to enjoy several applications and some functions that only Shopify has in its interface. The POS payment system was recently implemented for you to transfer your money from your mobile without problems.

If you are a supplier in a small store, flea market, or artisan port, you can accept payments through Shopify. These payments are processed from your mobile phone or tablet to make it a more comfortable and adjustable option for your job.

For merchants in Canada and the United States can use free TOC readers like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. These facilities that Shopify gives you are good for small or large physical businesses almost anywhere in the world.

Shopify has three different plans:

1. The basic plan charges you 2.9% in commission plus 30 cents for each transaction.

2. The Professional plan charges you 2.6% in commission plus 30 cents for each transaction.

3. The unlimited plan charges you 2.4% in commission plus 30 cents for each transaction.

Before choosing one of these plans, you can get to know them in detail by visiting the official Shopify website. Each of the plans has its characteristics, technology, and other news.

• Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is a company that began its operations in 2009 in the hands of Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, who are its founders. These Bigcommerce creators have handed power over to Brent Bellm, former head of PayPal’s electronic wallet in Europe, but they are still part of the company. The Bigcommerce website like Shopify gives the customer facilities to sell their products online globally.

With more than a decade in operation, the company has exceeded $ 3 billion, a huge valuation. Current boss Brent Bellm is looking to expand the company by joining the US stock market. This is a strategy that would expand Bigcommerce operations, giving it more users and profits.

The strategy that Bellm seeks to implement is governed by “knowing the customer’s needs” and “giving them a renewed system that they love.” Bigcommerce focuses on the credibility that the customer has towards their system, how safe they feel when joining the community. For now, Bigcommerce is in the process of expanding to become the most lucrative e-commerce platform.

Online store configuration

You have to observe how easy it is to configure the online store by Shopify or Bigcommerce. Both websites for electronic commerce care about the user experience, giving them facilities in their configuration:

• Online store setup with Shopify

The functions that Shopify has been extensive and very varied in search of satisfying your needs as a customer. You will have several themes to choose from in the interface; you can put your web domain for an extra cost.

You can make your online store with Shopify in the hands of an assistant or go experimenting for yourself in its interface. In general, the configurations for the store are at a glance so that you can compare and take the most convenient one. Each of these templates offers quick and easily adjustable settings for use.

In the configuration, you can have full access to CSS and HTML in your store so that your domain has consistency and clear commercials. You get all the settings in Shopify so you can promote your service online globally. Within the interface, you can include a shopping card for mobile commerce that you can use from your pc, tablet, and phone.

Among other settings you can give or profit from with Shopify are:

Complete blogs

You may have space on the website where you can communicate with buyers on your website.

Mobile shopping cart

This system offers you a very broad level of security with 256-bit SSL certification and other encryption settings. You can accept payments in MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, among other TDC. The fees for each transaction usually vary, but you can find out about this on the Shopify website.

Payments with external gateways

You can have more than 70 external payment gateways like iDEAL, PayPal, and even Bitcoins. With this payment extension, you can adjust your business to current trends such as cryptography.

If you are looking to set up your store in Shopify in a short time, you will have to comply with these steps before advertising:

1. You will have to verify your costs and shipments in the service.

2. You should check the status of each web domain.

When you complete both steps, you will have to ensure that the shipping rate is not limiting. You will be able to do a test transaction to verify that everything is fine in your web domain. In the rest of the configuration, you will be assisted by Shopify’s online support that will solve all your doubts.

• Online store configuration with Bigcommerce

This website can offer you the same features as Shopify, except that its rental price is higher. Bigcommerce distinguishes itself from other ecommerce websites by its various themes, storefront editors, and other settings. You can view your online store from your mobile or your computer to be very attentive to it.

Bigcommerce offers you PCI DSS Level 1 certification as well as multi-level security and DDOS defense. All the movements that you make in Bigcommerce are insured by the provider, which increases your reliability. Something that also identifies this e-commerce provider is that it gives you an easy and very fast shopping experience.

When setting up a Bigcommerce store, you have to pay attention to many more settings in your system. In the launch guide for an online store, you can see that you must choose themes, products, categories, gateways, and online accounts. When you adjust the basics in your store, you will have to include shipping, taxes, web content, and web domain names.

Finally, when you put all the technical things that will make your online store work, you will have to examine the SSL. This certificate is vital because it will allow you to start your online store and promote your service. Each of these settings has mini settings that you must understand to have a functional online store.

Comparison in the cost of plans with Shopify and Bigcommerce

These e-commerce web platforms are paid, and you must know in detail the value of the investment:

• Cost of plans in Shopify

You can join Shopify by taking advantage of its free trial of only 14 days to test its operation, options, etc. You can register on this website at no cost, although after finishing those trial days, you will need to cover one of these plans:

Shopify Basic plan for $ 29 per month.

Shopify plan for $ 79 per month.

Advanced Shopify plan for $ 299 per month.

Within these Shopify plans, you can also have some discounts for an extended contract such as:

Basic Shopify plan

– For one year of the contract, you will pay $ 312 ($ 26 per month)

– For two years of the contract, you will pay 558 dollars (23.25 dollars per month)

– For three years of the contract, you will pay 783 dollars (21.75 dollars per month)

Shopify plan

– For one year of the contract, you will pay $ 852 ($ 71 per month)

– For two years of the contract, you will pay 1,518 dollars (63.25 dollars per month)

– For three years of the contract, you will pay 2,133 dollars (59.25 dollars per month)

Advanced Shopify plan

– For one year of the contract, you will pay 3,192 dollars (266 dollars per month)

– For two years of the contract, you will pay $ 5,640 ($ 235 per month)

– For three years of the contract, you will pay $ 7,884 ($ 219 per month)

In each of these plans, you can have unlimited products, 24/7 customer support, and unlimited file storage. There is no transaction fee while using Shopify on each of your plans.

• Cost of Bigcommerce plans

With Bigcommerce, you will have to adhere to plans with a higher added value that is divided into:

The standard plan for $ 29.95 per month.

Plan “more” for $ 79.95 per month

Professional plan for $ 249.95 per month

With Bigcommerce, you will have a free trial of only 15 days in which you can test its entire trading system. When the trial time is over, you will have to choose one of the plans and their features:

– The standard plan is ideal for you to boost your business with up to 50 million in online sales every year.

– The “more” plan is great for you to use in your business, with up to 125 million in online sales each year.

– The Pro plan is the best for those online businesses with up to 3,000 orders each year.

If you pay annually for Bigcommerce’s “more” and professional plans, you will have a 10% discount, allowing you to save money. With the “plus” plan, you can cover $ 863.4 per year for $ 71.95 per month. With the professional plan, you will have to pay $ 2,699 per year, remaining at $ 224.95 each month.

Themes are offered in Shopify and Bigcommerce.

For you to have a personalized online store, you will have to go with a versatile e-commerce website that offers:

• Shopify themes

When you know that Shopify hosts more than 100 free and paid themes, it is easy to understand why it is the best e-commerce platform. The industries that are represented by this platform include photography services, art, jewelry, currency, food, electronics, garden, health, sports, etc. Among the most characteristic themes that you will find in Shopify are:

– The “Brooklyn” theme is ideal for an online fashion store specializing in selling modern clothing.

– The “Venture” theme is excellent for an online store dedicated to extreme sports such as snowboarding or boxing.

– The “classic” theme is good for its light, dark, and sharp colors.

– The “pop” theme offers you the Bone and toy options characterized by very attractive colors.

If you have created your theme, you can share it with the company to include it in their collection. These Shopify themes are renewed from time to time so that you can compare each other and choose the most convenient one.

• Bigcommerce themes

With Bigcommerce, you will also have some themes to place in your online store permanently. You can have free or paid themes and among the most striking of the e-commerce website are:

– Track


– Musik

– Mono Fat

– Bride to be

– Dazzled

–  Hipster

– Health and Beauty

If you opt for the Premium payment themes in Bigcommerce, you can choose between Hawaii, Alaska, California, Ohio, Indiana, Merchant, etc. Bigcommerce ensures that these custom themes will be perfectly associated with your online store. You can include a logo on your website that will be associated with the theme.

Customer service: Shopify vs Bigcommerce

When you think of creating an online store in the hands of an e-commerce platform, you should be concerned about their customer service. As you are paying for a service, you must have the best guarantees in functionality, security, and control online. The attention that Shopify and Bigcommerce present is the following:

  • Shopify

Shopify gives you 24-hour customer service support, seven days a week so that your online business is active. You will not have problems in your online store in case of a system error because the support will solve it in seconds.

Shopify help support will be available via live chat, email and will also have a contact number. You can contact an agent at any time regardless of non-business hours.

In case you want to solve the problems that arise in Shopify by yourself, you have an informative guide. You will have all the tools, questions, and tutorials to solve those failures that could appear on the web.

With Shopify, you can be a part of the help forums or ask active 24/7 support questions. Another option that you should not ignore within the interface is the “e-commerce university,” in which you will have tricks to boost your business. You can immediately know how to increase sales in your online store, what you should change about your business, etc.

These tricks that Shopify gives you on its dedicated server can be of great help if you are new to e-commerce. You can save a lot of time and money by following these proven guides to make sure they work. You can also enter the “Shopify masters” podcast to meet the most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs.

These podcasts can last from 30 min to 1 hour in which you will have the best advice to know how to start an online business. You can communicate with the entrepreneurs of the mentorship to receive more advice and thus be successful in your online business.

  • Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce public support has several themes available for you to promote the operation of your store. In this public attention, you can address some things such as payments, money transfers, design, themes, etc.

Bigcommerce will be attentive to your requests 24 hours a day all week, so its technical support is total. You can contact support from your mobile phone, online chat, or by email if you prefer. This company strives to solve your problem as soon as possible, although sometimes you must be patient.

Bigcommerce’s technical support is a bit lacking compared to what they offer on Shopify. You can have a problem and have the solution in hours, days or weeks because it is not completely stable.

Marketing tools on e-commerce websites

For you to boost your e-commerce with Shopify or Bigcommerce, you must know what their marketing tools are:


With this company, you will have the best marketing tools so that your website can emerge in weeks. Shopify has free SEO tools such as:

• System that generates commercial names

If you need an attractive name for your online store, you can take advice from Shopify support.

• System that creates slogans

You can create a charismatic slogan for people to associate with your online store using the “slogan maker” tool.

• Search for wholesale products

You will be able to connect with wholesale suppliers to offer your service and expand your operations.

• System that generates QR codes

You can create a QR for your mobile with which customers can scan and have your services.

• System that generates payment stub

You can create cloud-based receipts whenever you need them. You can take care of all your expenses in record time through this tool that generates payments.

• System that generates terms and conditions

You can manage your online store and place what is allowed or not so that customers have their limitations in the service.

• Gift card creator

You can use this tool to attract customers to your service by giving them some gift cards per purchase.

• Calculator for PayPal payments

You can save a lot of money on PayPal by using the fee calculator that you can activate in your online store.

• System that generates barcodes

You can make use of this tool to create, track and organize all your products with ease. You can assign each item a barcode so you can take inventory quickly.


With Bigcommerce, you will have some marketing tools similar to Shopify, although in a smaller number. With these tools, you can help your online store to appear in the lists of Yahoo, Google, etc. Among the tools that stand out the most with Bigcommerce are:

• Optimization system in URL and titles

The platform will use URLs and titles for online marketing purposes so that your store will gain recognition.

• Organic advertising

You will create good publicity for your website, so other clients in your country or abroad come to it. This advertising will spread to blogs, other websites, and almost all over the internet without problems.

•Positive comments

As you grow as an online store, all the positive comments you get from the customer will benefit. You can gain popularity by collecting a good amount of positive feedback to work hard to get it.

• Performance analysis

You will have a system that will analyze your online store’s performance and give you some tips on how to improve it. You can have daily tips to make your online store the best that Bigcommerce has.

• Option of discounts and coupons

An option that you should not miss in Bigcommerce is to implement discounts and coupons online. You can attract many people with online coupons to reward them for purchases, loyalty, etc.

Applications: Shopify vs Bigcommerce

You have to know which are the different applications that both Shopify and Bigcommerce offer before hiring their service:


The company has more than 500 applications in its collection for you to take the most convenient and use it in your online store. The most popular free Shopify apps are:

• ShopPad

• SEO plugin

• Chimpified

• AddShoppers Social Analytics

• Yotpo

• Shopify Widgets

• Retail Tower

• SumAll

• Concierge

• Live Web Insights

You can also choose the paid Shopify apps, but they mostly have free systems. With these free applications, you can save money and invest in expanding your online store. Shopify promotes your expansion in e-commerce, giving you this facility without costs in its applications.


Along with Bigcommerce and the App Store, you will have several applications that you can use in your online store. The e-commerce company offers free and paid options to use the one that gives you the most benefits. Among the free apps, the following stand out:

• McAfee Secure

• Salesforce

• PriceWaiter

• Ordoro

• Posenvio service

If you want to forget about the limitations that these apps give you in Bigcommerce, you can use the contract ones, such as:

• Coopt

• Squixa

• Google Shopping

• Loyalty S

• Sellbrite

• Justuno

• Optimizely

• BoostSuite

One thing to keep in mind is that most “free” Bigcommerce applications can be very limited. Some apps can also give you a trial period that you will have to cover the membership after finishing itp. You must be very attentive to each of these apps that vary in operation, security, and help for e-commerce.

The Difference In Operation: Shopify Vs Bigcommerce

If you still have not decided between Shopify or Bigcommerce that helps you online, you should know their differences. Both companies dedicated to e-commerce are efficient but change in operation with:


Signing up for Shopify is a bit easier than for Bigcommerce so that you can start your business quickly.

•Free trial

Both Shopify and Bigcommerce offer you an excellent free trial in which you can see their features thoroughly. Bigcommerce gives you an extra day in a free trial for you to choose from.

• Membership

When the trial days are over, you will have to pay for membership in Shopify or Bigcommerce, which are affordable. The Shopify membership has a lower rental price, greater benefits, and extended payment facilities.

• Discounts

If you are looking to have your online store for longer but with fewer payments, you can choose Shopify at this time. The company has low discounts for payments in 1, 2, or 3 years depending on the plan you choose.

• Functioning

In operation, both companies have enough potential for you to emerge in e-commerce. You can see good options in both companies to take advantage of as a newbie to e-commerce.

• Marketing tools

For advertising, administration, and management of your online store, you will need the best marketing tools, and Shopify provides them. This company has an unlimited number of tools to help you expand your company and make it recognized.

• Available applications

Shopify can give you a larger number of apps available for free or paid use. You can have more variety in these applications in Play Store or IOS.

Shopify Vs Bigcommerce: Bottom Line

Now that you know in detail all the features that Shopify and Bigcommerce offer you, you must decide. Each of these companies has its pros and cons in operation; they are excellent and recommended for the client. You can start online through these platforms that have the best advice in real-time.

Shopify: Final Thought

With Shopify, you can have the greatest advantages in e-commerce, so it is the most popular in the internet industry. The 24/7 support gains priority because they truly keep their word and give you an optimal online store. The costs for each plan are also affordable, fit your budget, and give you almost unlimited benefits on each one.

Shopify gives awesome features, it is constantly updated, and this attracts new users every year. The mobile payment processor is one of the latest features that the company implemented that is undoubtedly attractive. You can also receive e-commerce advice within Shopify, which can be helpful if you are a newbie.

Bigcommerce: Final Thought

Bigcommerce can win your attention by offering you robust features when it comes to e-commerce globally. This company has not expanded enough in its characteristics, but its characteristics remain uniform. You may have some complaints about technical support, which is a great disadvantage for the company.

Although Bigcommerce has a questionable reputation these days, its system may be redirected in the next few years. This company has driven many online businesses despite its limitations.

Which One Suits Me Best?

If you want to have a good experience managing an online store, you should choose Shopify at this time. Shopify is reputable and has excellent customer service if you need it. When you try to manage your online store, the platform will guide you to understand its system fully.

Shopify is also your best option because of its plans; they are cheap and give you huge discounts per year. You will not regret investing with Shopify; you will have all the e-commerce information you need in its interface.

If you are encouraged to use Shopify, you will now have a 14-day trial so that you are convinced that their system is the best. You can create your online store, manage it and see how interesting it is to do it with Shopify on your side.

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