JustHost – Simple and Sensible

The small California-based hosting company, JustHost is known for its simplicity and clarity. As compared to other hosting companies, that offer many plans and products, leaving their customers overwhelmed and confused, as to which plan to go for, JustHost offers just one plan, which it feels is adequate to meet the needs of all the customers, and minus all those bells and whistles and frills relating to scripts, settings, configurations, etc. JustHost strikes just the right balance.

The webhost company guarantees 99.9% uptime and will compensate for the months hosting credit for any time lost by you.  You get 24/7 customer support by their expert and knowledgeable staff. Like most other rivals, JustHost offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, MySQL databases and email accounts. The approach here is simple and confusion-free.  Go to their Help Center to get assistance with website problems or any kind of difficulties. Even if you are not a customer with JustHost, you benefit from their broad knowledgebase.

Although JustHost is great for low-traffic websites, some popular websites may not find it ideal. The “unlimited” disk space has limits in case you are using or abusing resources beyond of what is expected of a small business website. It would be a bad experience to get your site crashed. However, it is even a worse experience to find it shut down by your web host.

JustHost offers reliable hosting and with regular and premium plans. They provide common software installations and with 24 hour customer support. The majority of websites are satisfied with the services offered by the hosting company. Most customers are pleased with the host. Their server is configured properly right from the start and everything runs smoothly at JustHost. The support team is excellent and takes care of all issues. The company is not afraid to offer money back guarantee that most other web hosts are afraid to offer. Now you can focus more on your online business and with less worries about the uptime of your website.

Clearly, this is one of the best web host available. Although there are many other capable web host companies, it is only with a few like JustHost that offer loads of features, a user-friendly interface and some reliable services. Now you get to enjoy a free domain name, error message pages, unlimited space for data transfers, thousands of templates am a technical support 24 hours. There is a lot going on at this great web host service!

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