Godaddy – Providing Reliable Hosting Service

GoDaddy is considered one of the biggest and best web hosting companies, and with some good reasons. Established by Bob Parsons in 1997, the company operates in Arizona, Washington D. C., Colorado, Iowa, as well as abroad. Today, they have more than 10 million customers. The company delivers a variety of products and support their customer 24/7. One gets different services from domain name registration, cheap web site hosting, site builder, as well as serious solutions for e-commerce websites and big businesses.

The corporate headquarter is in Arizona, U.S and you can contact the provider via phone or email. The Data Centers with GoDaddy has a fast growing number of large-scale data centers located in the U.S., South-Eastern Asia, Europe, etc. The space occupied by the web hosting company now well exceeds 70, 000 sq. feet. They have complete control over all operations and maintain complete safety of customers’ data.

GoDaddy claims to run and support their data centers and do not deal with any outsourcers. This is one reason why customers here enjoy high-level protection. You get access to secure hardware, advanced technologies, on-site support staff and network redundancy, etc.

Some of the major features of GoDaddy data centers are long uptime, full network redundancy, fully-integrated monitoring system, innovative secure technology along with and incremental backups. They have the best-in-class equipment for firewalls, routers and servers. There is complete safety due to automatic email monitoring and secure restricting access to all data centers locations. Virus takes care of detection and cleaning as well as there are protection, detection and suppression systems. Data center staff and security staff work 24/7.

GoDaddy offers affordable web hosting plans for personal and small business sites. For the more complicated and bigger e-sites, there is a dedicated server hosting and virtual server hosting. These services are a must for traffic-intensive sites. Moreover, one needs a more reliable vps hosting. Just choose plans with them according to your needs and take advantage of the exclusive features offered by GoDaddy.

There are economy and deluxe plans available with the serve provider. You get Free setup and software and there are Backups done on a daily basis and there is 24/7 customer support. GoDaddy, a reseller web host, promises to offer different credits and bonuses t, so that you can set up your own reseller business. It also provides quick and easy blog hosting service.

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