Bluehost – With One of the Cheapest Hosting Plans

Bluehost hosting plans can start at as low as $4.95/mo. You get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file transfers, free domain registration, unlimited disk space, unlimited email and a lot more. Even their basic entry level plans offer unlimited features. The company was set up in the 90s in Utah. Ever since, it has grown at a steady pace and serves millions of customers. Their headquarters cover more than 50,000 sq. feet and 2 data centers with more than 20,000 sq. feet of space. They make use of their own servers, 10 GB fiber network worldwide, UPS power and have custom linux kernel. Thus, they don’t rely on outsourced services and all issues that arise are handled by themselves.

Bluehost is known for offering outstanding services, upgrading them on a regular basis and offering innovating features. It is therefore, no surprise to see the name of Bluehost listed among the top web hosting services in the world. The company gets full marks for ease of use and a higher level of added security. One can easily navigate and get the information one needs, fast and easy.

BlueHost protects its customer websites from abusive users and resolve such issues with their own proprietary solution that comprise of extremely sensitive CPU resource allocation as well as disk I/O throttling. These services are offered even to cheap dedicated servers and are compatible to cheap VPS.  One of the prime goals of the company is to offer qualified support to their customers and according to them, they do a fairly good job at it, due to their dedicated facilities and advanced technology. It provides its hosting reseller clients an advanced client management and flexible administration panel. The advanced client management and billing software is big advantage and so is the customized version of cPanel.

BlueHost hosting plan offer unlimited hosting space, file transfer, e-mail accounts and cPanel Account Control Panel. Enjoy free domain for 1 year as well as customizable error pages.  Take advantage of a Free Site Builder with templates, CGI, Ruby, MySQL, PHP and Perl. You get support via Flash, Javascript, Shockwave and DHTML. You also get a guarantee of 99.9% network uptime. The webhose company offers support to its customers with a variety of hosting features making use of high class technology, website scripts, databases, eCommerce, multimedia, site promotion.  What attracts their customers are the unlimited options with them and a secure E-mail support.

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