Tissot Quartz Chronograph

The Tissot Quartz Chronograph is bold, it’s loud and it’s definitely not a toy. The Tissot V8, is an incredibly powerful motor for your wrist, while the big bold chronographs take their seats on the Tissot offering their iconic dashboard-style counters and black tachymeter buttons. Designed for wearers who have a healthy dose of adrenaline in their bloodstreams and zero tolerance to missing out on all the action. For those who crave the adrenaline from a completely different angle the Tissot Quartz Chronograph provides just that, with a chronograph that has no boundaries.

The two most important elements of a watch are the case and the dial. The Tissot Quartz Chronograph has a case that is larger than its smaller sibling. This allows for more robust and noticeable handling thanks to the larger overall face. The top of the dial features a large deployment push button and larger deployment index button set into the dial’s surface. The push button is easy to use and provides a strong and reliable pull against which to carry the chronograph. The large push button and deployment indexes give the Tissot Quartz Chronograph stylish and edgy presence.

A white dial with silver markers is included in the package, complimented by a silver case and bracelet. The gold-tone dial is also very striking, giving the Tissot Chronograph a luxurious, upscale look. The gold tone dial compliments the black case nicely and allows for a strong contrast between the dial and the case. Black dials may be used in place of silver dials where desired, or even to contrast with the gold-tone dial.

This Tissot quartz chronograph comes with an automatic second hand, which is controlled by a push of a button. The second hand is covered by a scrolling handset that offers two time zones. These two time zones allow for a maximum of thirty-two seconds per zone. The larger silver face of the Tissot Chronograph also has a black luminous dial that is dark-colored and offers a strong contrast with the silver-tone dial and case. The chronograph is powered by a manual back-light.

The band of the Tissot Quartz Chronograph consists of eight diamonds and includes rubber inner lining. The band is available in eighteen karat gold, silver, rose gold, and two other colors of gold. Black dials are available with or without diamonds and are offered in eighteen karat, eighteen-carat, and twenty-two karat gold. Some of these dials include mother of pearl accents. Black dials are available with or without diamonds as well, in several different colors.

A feature of some luxury watches is a feature known as a signature, which is engraved on a black dial of a Tissot Quartz Chronograph. This allows for the owner to be able to provide a personal message to a friend or loved one. This can be done in a number of different ways. Some owners may write the message using a silver pen and ink, or they may use a special silver pencil that is painted black.

Diamonds on dials that are black are typically accentuated by a variety of colored gemstones. Black dials are used to display the day’s hour, quarter hour, and half hour, as well as the date, along with the time. Some models of this type of watch contain forty-two diamonds and use other types of gemstones in combination with the diamonds, including sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

This is a popular model among watch enthusiasts. A Tissot Quartz Chronograph has an appealing look that will leave people wondering why they did not purchase this particular watch. If you want an impressive watch that will last for many years, then consider a Tissot Quartz Chronograph. This watch features a stunning silver case as well as black ceramic hands that are capable of displaying the date and the time.

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