Invicta Graffiti Watch – Making A City Safer

Hydroplaning is an innovative new graffiti art form. What is Hydroplaning? Hydroplaning, also known as water transfer print, is a method for texturing 3D items. Used most frequently on items such as cars to watches, an elastomeric film with the correct graphic design is applied on top of a pressurized water-filled tank with a specially formulated activator. When the item to be textured is dipped into the tank, the film sticks to the object and the graphic image adheres to the surface of the item.

This process is done without the use of tools or paints. When the item has been thoroughly wet, the activator (or whatever is causing the reaction) is gently pressed into the surface of the object for several seconds. The image will then be “stretched” onto the surface by the force of the pressurized water and then carefully removed. This is not the same as “scratch and seal” and certainly not the same “spray and go.” There must be a sealant between the graphic design and the item being textured and hydroplaning does not employ this important step.

There is nothing illegal about this new graffiti art form, nor is it likely to become illegal. It is a creative outlet for people who are tired of society’s ills and looking for a way to express their creativity. However, watch companies like Invicta Graffiti Watch, which markets an electronic watch that can monitor illegal activity, should be congratulated for taking an innovative step forward in the direction of increased security within the graffitied areas around our towns and cities. Hopefully other municipalities will follow suit.

What makes Invicta Graffiti Watches a great product is the fact that it is both visible at the same time. While there are other methods of monitoring graffiti such as spray paint or stencils used by small groups of people in designated locations, graffiti can only be hidden under a coat of paint or applied to a surface with stencils. An electronic watch allows anyone to see the activity going on around them. With just a few seconds of video, a town or city can effectively eliminate the unsightly vandals.

Invicta Graffiti Watch uses an infrared camera attached to a handheld transceiver which records images when the infrared beam is targeted on the subject. These images are then processed by the company’s proprietary software, which identifies the graffiti along with its location. The software can also track and monitor the activities of other individuals who may be encouraging the graffiti’s growth. The system can even trigger an immediate response from local law enforcement officials to take control of the graffiti problem before it gets out of control.

The system is similar to those used by the U.S. National Park Service, which also uses video cameras to monitor areas of heavy traffic or major public gatherings. The U.S. military has also used similar infrared technology to combat the problem of concealable stickers on vehicles. It works by allowing military personnel to see if a vehicle is being used for illegal activities or as a graffiti site. They can determine if the vehicle needs to be towed away. If caught, they are more likely to return later after the camouflage has been removed.

An Invicta Graffiti Watch system can also be used by local businesses to prevent the vandalism of their building. In busy areas, it is easy for vandals to cover up the Graffiti and simply walk away. Having the visible proof however can give local business owners the confidence that their building is safe from this type of activity.

As well as making a town or city safer, an Invicta Graffiti Watch system can also make it easier for police to catch criminals. Often the best way to catch perpetrators is with visible evidence such as tags and paint thrown off from vehicles. This method is also used by the police when looking for suspects in high-crime areas such as urban jungles. An invisible solution like these will allow police to identify criminals more easily by catching them in the act and giving them a visible target to pursue.