Far Cry 5 Clinical Study mission | Where to find Grizzly bear skins | Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Locations

Everyone welcome back to our Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Locations guide and we’re going grizzly bear hunting. Now you’re not gonna find any grizzly bears at the Kellett Castle Co but you will find good amounts of cows to get bait and you definitely need some bait before you head out on a hunt to get those Grizzlies. And once you’ve got enough bait to attract the grizzly bears what you’re trying to head for is this location here in Jacob’s territory. So what you want to do is fast travel to Jefferson lookout tower and you’re aiming to then travel just up here to this location that we’ve marked on the map.

Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Locations

            Now we’re going to airdrop in because of me we’ll be able to fly into that location and drop directly on to where we want to be ok. And when you land here what you want to do is get Grace and Jess to be located a little bit out of the way behind this rock and then you’re aiming to get down some baits count fronts and then we just got to wait for the Bears to come on in and here comes the grizzly. So we’re just gonna get Jess to go after it you can see it’s pretty easy to pick it off from up here and falls out and hurt yourself but hey you’ve got some bear skin to make you feel good about and pretty easy Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Locations guide as you follow along.

            Now sometimes this location spawns black bears as well as grizzly bears however you can keep coming back here and transporting back between the kettle kettle co-location to pick up more bait and you can keep farming grizzly bears and black bears. If you want to max out the amount of skins you get from them it’s a good idea to have the harvest master perk set up

which will double the amount of skins that you get. And then make sure you’ve got the journey pack which will mean that you can carry more skins and that’s it guys about Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Locations. And it’s quite a nice one because you’ve got the kind of protection of that platform up there which I’ll show you to get your shuts off quite easily and also place your guns for hire in a good position to be able to get the grizzly bears. We really want to read comments from you let us know how you get on in terms of picking up the grizzly bears and we will catch you next time cheers guys goodbye.

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